OMFA Rubbers Limited, was incorporated/established in 1992NOIDA (INDIA) to commercially commence production of wrapped construction  V-Belts, with an initial installed production capacity of 8 million units per year.

Within the first 10 years of our incorporation, OMFA Rubbers Limited was highly successful in carving a niche market for ENDURA HI-TECH brand of V-Belts and managed to spread its wings across the country through an extensive distribution network. Today, we can easily manufacture 15 million units per year. 

In these 25 years, the support and faith shown by our elite clientele along with the strong network of distributors, has helped us push our boundaries. Today, we are exporting to over 20 countries across the globe including Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Middle East, Brazil, Poland, Uganda, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, Syria, South Africa, etc.

Our success is a result of a strong commitment to provide the best possible service to various industries worldwide by understanding needs of our customers as well as the consumers. OMFA Rubbers Limited has gone through many changes within the company over the years to meet the needs of its’ customers across India and beyond. 

Listed below are just a few highlights –

1992 – Commenced operations OMFA – with the smallest possible manufacturing unit in the country with the cheapest prices in the country

2002 – Served over 25 customers in the first 10 years

2002-2003  – The foundation for the current headquarters was laid under the name BNK Rubbers

2004 – Top end brand in medium range v-belts – OMFA Premium – undisputed brand leader till date in the country in its segment

2006 – OMFA Premium converted to Endura Hi-Tech, Expansion of the Noida factory

2008 – Set up our manufacturing unit in Rudrapur

2008 – ISO 9001:2008 – Increased our workforce to 500

2015 – Expansion of Greater Noida plant

2017 – OMFA Rubbers Limited celebrates 25th Anniversary

2017 – Operations on a large scale in the Greater Noida factory commenced

2018 – Production increment by 100% from the previous year in the Greater Noida plant 

2020 – Major upgrades in technology and range to help serve the changing


We believe in building long lasting our business relationships.