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Multi-ribbed Belts Synchronous Belts
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Synchronous Belt
Multi ribbed Belts
Multi ribbed Belts

Multi Ribbed Belts

HI-TECH Multi Ribbed Belts are specifically engineered for serpentine drives. Being ribbed, flat and thin, these ribbed belts have great flexibility and can be taken around small diameter pulleys without impairing their power transmission efficiency. Multi ribbed belts, ribbed belts, v ribbed belts and rubber ribbed belts are designed to allow the usage of both the ribbed and the flat sides for transferring power, helping them replace several traditional belts resulting in a substantial reduction in operating costs and increasing drive reliability.

Resistant to oil and wide temperature variations, these ribbed belts are widely used in automotive applications because of their suitability far multi-axle "Reverse Direction" power transmission and the ability to handle high speed transmission of high power The V profiles of HI-TECH multi ribbed belts, synchronous belts, v ribbed belts, rubber ribbed belts, rubber synchronous belts and ribbed belt are made of a specialty formulated rubber compound with direction oriented fiber structure, imparting the belts with very high carcass rigidity and exceptional dynamic stability.

Multi Ribbed Belts
Multi-Ribbed Belts

Section Code Top Width (mm) Height (mm) Length Range (mm)
3PK 1.68 6 600-1000
4PK 14.24 6 600-1500
5PK 17.80 6 600-2000
6PK 21.36 6 600-2000
7PK 24.92 6 1000-2500
8PK 28.48 6 1000-2500
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Synchronous Belts

HI-TECH Synchronous Belts operate on a basic principal: molded teeth of the belt and corresponding mating grooves of the pulley make for positive engagement. The teeth enter and leave the pulley in a smooth rolling manner with low friction and zero slip. Synchronous drives represent a modern and efficient system of power transmission. They essentially combine the advantages of a mechanical drive and flexible components (like- chain drives etc.) while eliminating the inherent disadvantages of both. We exports wide range of power transmission belts, synchronous belts, industrial belts, industrial synchronous belts and rubber synchronous belt. We are leadingindustrial belts manufacture in india

HI-TECH Timing Belts offer higher efficiency to the drive, enabling higher power transmission capacity. These timing belts and synchronous belts exhibit low elongation and heat shrinkage while providing higher transmission speed ratio. The low elongation under load is attributable to the strong Fiber Glass tensile cord, which also provides for excellent flexibility. The precision formed teeth provide positive engagement with the meeting grooves.

Synchronous Belts
Synchronous Belts

Section Code Top Width (mm) Height (mm) Length Range (mm)
XL 5.080 2.3 60-450
L 9.525 3.6 124-500
H 12.700 4.3 240-1700
XH 22.225 11.2 570-1575
3M 3.000 2.4 150-300
5M 5.000 3.8 225-2000
8M 8.000 6.0 424-2240
14M 14.000 10.0 966-2100
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