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We have three state-of-the-art manufacturing units of rubber belting and rubber conveyor belting, which are located at the industrial hubs of NCR Delhi - Noida and Greater Noida, while the third one is located at the upcoming industrial estate of Rudrapur, a few hours drive from Delhi. Manufacturing units of rubber belting are equipped with advanced production technology and we also have in-house R&D besides quality control labs.


Manufacturing Capacity

The current installed capacity of the rubber belting and rubber conveyor belting units is approximately 8 million belts per annum registering a whopping 400% of growth from 9,00,000 units per annum a few years back. At the same time, we are committed to environmental safety, our comprehensive set up of machineries conforms to the federal environmental protection agency requirements. We have a formal continuous improvement program to keep abreast with the latest technology and introduce revolutionary belting system. We follow a stringent site process controls which includes:
  • Element
  • Management and Quality System
  • Review of ability to meet customer's requirement
  • Total preventive management program
  • In-process inspection/ Testing performed & Trended
  • Final Inspection/ Testing performed & Trended.
  • Traceability to Raw Material
  • Traceability to Manufacturing/ Quality Records
  • Process Qualification
  • Failure analysis/ Corrective and Preventive Action
  • Process Control Plan
  • Employee Training/ Retraining
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Manufacturing Capacity
Manufacturing Capacity


Teamwork and collaboration are the corner stone of the company. The core team consists of highly qualified professionals from respective fields like management, sales & marketing, finance, production, engineering and HR besides client servicing and others. Additionally, we have a quality-driven production team, which comprises of skilled workers, who regularly undergo training.

We also boast of cross-functional team, which facilitates open channel communication. This in turn leads to enhanced efficiency and smooth operation of rubber belting. The units have the following line of production, which function under the supervision of department heads.

  • Production Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Design Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Process Engineering

Quality Assurance

We believe that there is only one rule in business - Best quality products at lowest possible price. Our products are manufactured with detailed Quality Assurance Plan, which involves stringent checks of raw materials, in-process controls and finished products so as to meet the International Quality Standards. We follow quality management practice in our entire operation.

Omfa is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and its products, available under the brand name Hi-Tech, not only comply with Indian Standards (IS) but are approved by the Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) and the Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA).

Our plant integrates higher degree of polymer/textile technology with definite standards in process control, employing the latest in transmission belt manufacture. Being a quality driven company, we strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction through quality, commitment and consistency.
Our plant integrates a high degree of polymer/textile technology with definite standards in process control employing the latest in transmission belt manufacture. Our total commitment to quality guarantees excellent product and customer satisfaction.

Warehousing Facilities

We have world-class warehousing facility having latest inventory management tools. Additionally, we have well trained warehouse staff, who are efficient enough to handle immediate and bulk requirements of the clients.

So far as our warehousing is concerned, we strictly follow the best storage practices. Under proper conditions, belts can be stored for many years without shortening service life. We store V-Belts as per the following guidelines:
  • Store belts in a cool, dry, dust-free area, away from direct sunlight.
  • Recommended temperature - Below 85°F and relative humidity below 70%.
  • Store belts away from ozone producing unguarded fluorescent lights, mercury vapor lights and high voltage electrical equipment.
  • Store belts away from chemicals, oils, solvents, lubricants or acids.
  • Belts are coiled on shelves or hung on pegs.
  • To avoid deformation and cracks, we make sure that there are no sharp bends and stresses. More over, the maximum stack height is maintained at the prescribed limit of 12". This is necessary to prevent damage to bottom belts.
Besides these measures, the warehouse has fire-fighting system and advanced security devices in place, while entry is restricted to authorised persons only.

Warehousing Facilities
Warehousing Facilities

Warehousing Facilities
Warehousing Facilities

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